YOLO – Why I’m Still in Debt After I Sold My First Company

When you’re the child of immigrant parents, you quickly learn the value of a dollar and the difference between needs and wants.  Food, basic shelter, education are needs.  Everything else is wants.  I wanted “everything else”, like name brand clothes and electronics.  I got tired of being the kid in school with the $20 pair of sneakers, so I got an afterschool job after 8th grade to get those wants.   My parents would have killed me if they knew I was spending $100 on a pair of Timberland boots or a 64MB MP3…Continue Reading

Results from Our Financial Goals Survey

We sent out a survey in February 2016 to better understand how professionals consume financial content and make financial decisions. The results of the survey are below. How many companies have you worked for since graduating from college? How many investment accounts do you have? What is your primary method for consuming content about reaching your financial goals?   What usually triggers you to look at financial content? How confident are you about reaching your financial retirement goals? How long have you been investing in your 401K or the stock markets? Average: 9.1 years, Median: 8 years…Continue Reading