What ‘House of Cards’ can teach us about student debt

The connection between 'House of Cards' and Student Debt I'm an avid fan of the series 'House of Cards', a political drama on Netflix, in which Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey) and Claire Underwood (played by Robin Wright) use coercion, bribery and extortion to ascend to greater positions in the government.  Each episode takes you deeper into the tangled web of lies they are weaving in their quest for power, and you can't help but wonder when it will all come crashing down. The Wikipedia definition of "House of cards" is a structure or argument built…Continue Reading

YOLO – Why I’m Still in Debt After I Sold My First Company

When you’re the child of immigrant parents, you quickly learn the value of a dollar and the difference between needs and wants.  Food, basic shelter, education are needs.  Everything else is wants.  I wanted “everything else”, like name brand clothes and electronics.  I got tired of being the kid in school with the $20 pair of sneakers, so I got an afterschool job after 8th grade to get those wants.   My parents would have killed me if they knew I was spending $100 on a pair of Timberland boots or a 64MB MP3…Continue Reading