Make Open Enrollment Fun This Year

By Roxanna Coldiron

Open enrollment for benefits has arrived! It can be a confusing process for both employers and employees to navigate open enrollment, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Finding ways to make it fun can not only smooth the process for your human resources team but also make it an enjoyable experience for all of your employees.

Contests and Other Incentives

Boost employee incentive by seeing which department can complete the most open enrollments first. The department who finishes the open enrollment process before the other departments gets a pizza party or a casual dress day at work. Employees who finish their open enrollments on the first day could be entered into a drawing for gift cards to different restaurants or get a flex work day. Think outside of the box for what would appeal to your employees.

Health Fairs

Open enrollment can be a confusing time. Set up a health fair that includes free health checks, like blood pressure, and ideas for how to be healthier in the office. Make sure to have tables set up where employees can speak to the HR team and get their questions answered about what benefits your company offers and how they can take advantage of them.

Lunch & Learns

Another option for educating your employees on their open enrollment choices is to host a Lunch & Learn event. Provide a delicious and healthy lunch for the departments with an interactive presentation about what benefits are available to them. There can be prizes offered, as well as an opportunity for questions and answers.

Creative Communication

Design your benefits materials as if they were a marketing campaign. Your employees are the target audience. What would appeal to them? You can come up with catchy phrases or attractive pamphlets that explain what benefits your company offers and how employees can participate. Make posters that are placed throughout the office. Follow-up with occasional email reminders about deadlines and other pertinent information. Maybe even make a fun commercial that incentivizes open enrollment for your employees so that they can set up an appointment with HR and learn more about your benefits packages.

Think Digital

Make open enrollment an easy process for HR and employees by also communicating through a variety of digital means. This can mean that employees are able to set up their open enrollment appointments through the company’s scheduling system or that an intra-office website is available to walk them through many of their questions. Email only needs to be one component to this strategy. Multiple forms of communication will keep the topic both fresh and interesting to your employees.

Incorporating just a few of these ideas will make open enrollment a much more fun process for your employees. Coordinate with the HR team to come up with a few more ideas of how you can reach your employees and remove the stress often associated with the open enrollment period. Remember to inform, educate, and remind employees of their options and deadlines for enrollment.

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