Relocation Management of Employees

Relocating employees from one office to another does not need to be overwhelming. The process can be done with efficiency if the employer has prepared a relocation management plan and coordinates the move as much as possible. Employees will benefit from a smooth relocation process.

What should go into a relocation management plan? This will vary according to the organization and its needs, but these are some of the considerations that employers can make when creating a relocation management plan:

Relocation packages

Moving from one location to another can be very expensive. A relocation package that covers majority (if not all) moving expenses as well as provides financial assistance with housing can ease the transition. Temporary living expenses may also be a good option when relocating employees. This helps to reduce much of the stress of moving and means that the employee can begin their new jobs much sooner.

Site visits

Site visits before the employee makes the official move helps employees to become familiar with their new surroundings. It should be part of the planning process to assist with the transition. If the employee has been promoted to a new position, it can also be helpful for the employee to see who they will be working with and to meet their new team ahead of time.

Payback clauses

Payback clauses can protect the company from losses if the employee decides to leave the company within six months to a year of being relocated. With a payback clause, the employee would have to reimburse the company for the relocation assistance it provided during the initial relocation. State laws might prohibit payback clauses, so make sure to check with your state before instituting one of these as part of a relocation management plan.

Relocation Incentives

Relocation incentives such as bonuses and pay adjustments can make relocation more appealing to employees who might not otherwise consider it. Moving can be tough for many people who have family in their current location, but a monetary incentive can provide an incentive to an employee who might hesitate to move for their job.

Family considerations

Employees with families also have additional concerns. Maybe a spouse will need help finding a job if they relocate, or their children will need to be near a good school district. Taking these concerns into account can improve the success of the relocation. How can your organization assist families that must move with the employee? These strategies should be part of the relocation management plan.

Finally, whatever the organization decides in creating the relocation management plan needs to be communicated to employees. Policies should be readily available to employees as well as thorough and easy to read. Employees should know that the organization values them and wants to make any relocation transition as smooth as possible for their employees.

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